Loose in the Turns


A Saturday night at the Cedar Ridge Speedway in Morgantown Kentucky. Racing's roots run deep in Central Kentucky, with stock car races held in Bowling Green since the late 1940's. Some of those family names still grace the scoreboards as homemade race cars spin around the 1/4 mile track every Saturday night. As the sun went down, halide lights flickered to life and engines roared. By 1AM the dust had settled and the stands were clear... until next Saturday. 


143rd Kentucky Derby


Last weekend I had the privilege of photographing the 2017 Kentucky Derby & Oaks. The weather was rough, but happened to clear up with just minutes to spare before the Derby, the 12th race of the day. 




A few photographs from my coverage of TUG, an annual inter-fraternity/sorority tug-of-war competition at Western Kentucky University. Navigating the thick mud pit added an extra layer of complexity to the day, but in the end I walked away with all my gear in good working order, and one very muddy pair of boots.